HerComputer.biz is really about “today’s” woman – the modern woman who wants to enjoy the flexibility, freedom, comfort and convenience of making money from home, or, a locale of HER choice… using Her Computer! HerComputer.biz gives you 24/7 direct access to scores of women who have already harnessed the before-then untapped powers lying dormant and untouched within their Computers. Many of these ladies consistently earn over 6 figures a year – and some even 7; most do it from home… and some even work “just” part-time, yet produce very full-time income!

HerComputer Publishing (parent company of hercomputer.biz) began approximately 15 years ago in Houston, TX. At that time, our founder’s then-wife was working a Tech-Support position for a local Internet Service Provider. During her first few weeks on the job (back in the early days of the Internet, when “Dial up” was still the norm), virtually EVERY woman she’d get off the phone with after providing them with Tech-Support would profusely thank her by saying something to the effect of, “I never understood all this techno mumbo jumbo until I talked to YOU, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

She came home and shared this with Paul and instantly a light bulb went off in his head – and HerComputer™ was born! The core concept behind HerComputer Publishing is that men and women think, learn and communicate differently… and since MOST “technical” computer people are men, that turns into a significant disservice for women!

HerComputer Publishing began by offering Tech Support in “woman talk” back in the mid 90’s. They found back then that when “women teach women” not only were the women better-able to grasp the power and possibilities of their computers to maximize their personal and professional potential – they learned quicker, too!

Fast forward a decade and a half, and between the Internet, social media and more user-friendly technologies, it’s never been easier for ANYONE to make money with a computer…

However before now, women have been lacking a definitive resource to help themmake money” using their computer.

Luckily that’s no longer a problem because Hercomputer.biz is here to fill that void!

Whether you’re just starting to consider ways to make money from home or already have a business you’re working on, our goal is to give you easy access to the guidance, expertise and know-how you need to help you make money using YOUR computer! EVERYTHING on this site is taught by women for women, which is why in addition to the nuts and bolts of online business strategies, you’ll find tips on personal development, wellness and ways you can better-harness social media sites… again, all taught in a woman’s voice!

Are you a woman who wants to use your computer to take your business and personal life upwards and onwards? If so, we’re confident that HerComputer.biz is the place for you! Please explore your new site, give us your feedback and discover what’s possible to achieve with your computer!

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