Past due

Have you ever had a client that didn’t pay you on time… or didn’t pay you at all? I probably shouldn’t be telling you this… but I recently had this problem (and the way I handled it might surprise you). One of my clients was taking advantage of a flexible-payment option for one of my 12-month coaching programs, with monthly installments being automatically charged to... Read More

6 Ways to Package Your Services, Products and Knowledge so You Make More Money in Less Time

Package Your Services, Products & Knowledge

One of the most important intentions in your business, even in passion-based business like yours, is to make a profit. Yes, you want to make money while making the world a better place by contributing your magical gifts. In order to keep contributing and changing the world in your unique way through helping your clients, you need to also be financially successful. This is part... Read More

Content is Money for Your Blog

Content for Your Blog is Money

The only way you’ll make money with your blog is to have your readers coming back to read each post you make. When they keep coming back your page rank will increase and that will increase your income. One of the most important things to remember is your content is where the money is when it comes to your blog. If you don’t have good content, your readers will leave and not... Read More

How to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits

Your Knowledge is Money

Did you know you can make a great living simply by writing or talking about your passions and interests? It’s true. People all around the world are living this dream and you can too. So what are you an expert in? This is a tough question for many because their mind goes to things they already consider to be profitable fields and careers but we’re not talking about that. There... Read More

3 Reasons Info Products Boost Your Business

Information Products Boost Your Business

If you already own an online business and are looking for a tactic or tool to grow your awareness and your bottom line, you can’t go wrong with information products. Here’s why: Publishing an information product enhances your credibility as an expert in your industry. Our society is hooked on information. And we consider those who publish to be experts on their topic. Publish... Read More

5 Essential Tools for Marketing Your Business Online

Tools for Marketing Your Business Online

Many women have embraced the benefits of online marketing—you expand your market and it sells for you 24/7. So, what are the tools that make it work? Your own unique website will communicate who you are and will establish a relationship with your visitor-right away. Make sure your home page is clear about your services and reflects a design that integrates your style with what... Read More

How to Communicate Effectively on Your Website

Communicate Effectively

When you’re in business, people expect to be able to learn more about you on the internet, so you need an effective website. Technology or graphics make it look good, but that’s not where you should invest most of your time and resources. Focus on communicating with your visitors because that’s where the money is. People do business with those they know, like... Read More

Women Making Money Working From Home

Are you Overwhelmed?

Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive, has created an inspirational video that speaks to the issues women face when working from home. We want to be our own boss, but there are frustrations and challenges. Watch this short video and definitely sign up to receive her free report “7 Things Your Boss Doesn’t Want You to Know About Working From Home.“  Read More

Want a Website that Sells in 5 Steps?

Create a Website that Sells

Most businesses nowadays have websites, but the biggest problem they run into is being able to make the sale. I will be sharing with you 5 critical steps to follow to create a website that sells. 1. Website Copy Your website is your biggest marketing tool and your content should reflect it. Consider hiring a professional copywriter to produce your web content. If you are writing... Read More

How to Monetize Your Blog

Monetize Your Ideas

Women who work from home have different motives for blogging. Some do it for fun, some are simply working to connect with others or to build a brand, and some are looking to make money. If your goal is to use your blog to make money, there are some proven strategies to make it happen. Promote Affiliate Products – The most common method work-at-home women use for making money... Read More

Are you Overwhelmed

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