Get Out of My Way

Get Out of Your Own Way

Yesterday I figured out that I’ve been getting in my own way (and I realized that YOU might be doing the same thing). So I wanted to share some of my recent struggles in this week’s column: Although I always listen to my gut, instincts, and intuition… I don’t always trust (and follow) them as often as I should (too much doubt and second-guessing). I’ve been asking other... Read More

Are You Growing Your Business from Scarcity or Abundance?

Growing your Business

As a solo entrepreneur, your mindset and energy are the most important resources in growing and running your business. If you are thinking small, feeling doubtful or you don’t have energy behind your programs and services, then your growth will be small -if you grow at all. In fact, creating programs and new services when you are thinking small or are mired in limiting beliefs... Read More

Warning: Prosperity Conditions Ahead

prosperity dove

You crave prosperity in your business. You want the easy enrollments in your programs and workshops, the abundance of product sales, recognition of your expertise by receiving joint venture invitations, and you want the financial success that goes along with changing so many people’s lives. But why isn’t it happening for you? Is it the lagging economy? Your message? Your marketing? Why... Read More

Is Your Attitude Showing?

Attitude is Everything

What are people seeing when they first meet you? Are you really projecting a positive image? Positive first impressions are critical to the success of everyone. Take note of the following: Tone of voice Body language Be calm Be centered Be fully present Focus on the customer Find common ground Eliminate your ego Observe and connect with people Reach out to others Listen like... Read More

Succeed by Shifting Your Focus to Being of Service

Being of Service

When you consider what’s going on with the economy, it’s very easy to focus on your own individual needs as you feel the stress of hard times, especially if you’re not generating the income you’d like and you’re in a place of fear.  You can begin desperately focusing on the immediate sale and if it doesn’t happen, your fear grows. I’ve... Read More

Why Are You Taking Rejection Personally?

Stop Taking Rejection Personally

Women taking rejection personally is nothing new. But because it can completely derail your career, it’s an essential pitfall to address and overcome. Having a clear understanding and strong belief about why you chose your business and how it serves you and your family, will provide you with the strength to walk away from the naysayers unscathed. In order to let any rejection... Read More

Stop Negative Self-Talk Before it Sucks the Life Out of You

Journalling to Stop Negative Self-Talk

Have you had times when negative thoughts go through your mind – I’m not a good wife and mother because I should be doing this, and that isn’t getting done, and everyone else seems to manage everything why can’t I, and I’m just so tired I don’t care? If so, it’s time to step back and do something for yourself to create awareness of where those negative feelings are... Read More

The Glass Ceiling

Is their a Glass Ceiling?

The glass ceiling – you’ve heard the term before. It refers to the invisible limit placed on women in the corporate world. Given the political structure and the nature of power struggles, territoriality, and primal instincts that bleed into the corporate world, a woman’s rise to a level commensurate with her worth has often been a long fought battle that may never be won. But... Read More

What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are waiting for fear to subside before you act, you will never act. The fear doesn’t subside until you act. Only action trumps fear. Remember a time when you woke up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare or a strange noise you heard, and you were absolutely paralyzed? You literally couldn’t move a muscle. You couldn’t even speak, let alone reach over... Read More

Self-Belief is One of the Greatest Gifts You Can Give Yourself


“Belief is the bridge between your dreams and your dreams coming true.” What you believe as an entrepreneur believes will affect your habits. Then the cycle continues. Your habits will affect your choices, your behavior, and your decisions. Belief is incredibly powerful. “If you expect to fail, in most cases you already have.” How many days have you woken up in a bad mood,... Read More

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