What Fears Keep Entrepreneurs from Connecting?

What Fears Keep Women from Connecting?

As an entrepreneur, you can easily get caught up in focusing so much time on the technical things of business – the “how to’s” of running your business. All of that is important. But the fact is, businesses are about people. Businesses are about relationships. Businesses are about people connecting to you, liking what it is that you have, relating to you, and from... Read More

The Motivated Mindset

Kim DeYoung's Motivated Mindse

23 Take Action Tips on Creating a Positive Shift in Your Thinking, Your Energy and Your Bottom Line The right mindset is the number one determining factor of the success in business. In my years of business and learning from my business girlfriends, Gina Bell and Laura West, I have come to appreciate how essential it is to have the right mindset and a system for creating a positive... Read More

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