5 Ways to Use Photos and Facebook to Build Your “Celebrity With Integrity” Status

Woman Speaking

As a coach, consultant, author or speaker or other small business owner, you are always in the mode of creating your “expert status.” That means that you know enough about your clients, their needs and desires and solutions to help them, that you can claim expertise in this area. Many marketing gurus talk about being a “rock star” or “celebrity,” and many heart-centered... Read More

Social Networking: Apparently It’s a Woman Thing

Women Love Social Networking

A little while ago, I came across an interesting article in Businessweek written by Auren Hoffman, CEO of Rapleaf: The Social Media Gender Gap, covering the results of a survey conducted by Rapleaf. What was interesting about it was that for once, the “gender gap” goes in the opposite direction of what one might think. To quote the author: Traditionally, men are the early... Read More

9 Powerful Social Networking Sites for Women Entrepreneurs

Social Networking Sites

What is the real power behind women entrepreneurs? A study by the Center for Women’s Business Research shows that women now own 40 percent of private firms, women-owned businesses generate about $3 trillion in revenue and employ 16 percent of the workforce; making them significant players in the national economy. In addition, the study found that 85 percent of women surveyed... Read More

LinkedIn Features for Promoting Your Small Business

Linked In to Promote Your Business

Of all the social media platforms out there, LinkedIn stands as one of the best ones to promote businesses online. Although compared to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn’s popularity is low, that does not make it an inferior platform. In fact, the sole purpose of LinkedIn is to provide businesses a better social media platform to market or run their businesses on. Most of the features... Read More

How to: Use Foursquare

How to Use Foursquare

Some of us remember Foursquare as being a popular game at recess where four players would play ball inside of a larger square which was then divided into four smaller squares.  The object of the game was to keep the ball in play by bouncing the ball within the other players’ squares until eventually players were eliminated. Today’s version of Foursquare has a much different... Read More

Using Twitter to Connect Authentically and Meaningfully

Follow Me | Be My Friend | Be My Fan

Using Twitter is a great way of connecting and building relationships. But it can be overwhelming to know who to follow and how to make meaningful connections with someone that you admire. I’d like to share some tips on how to move past the overwhelm so you can begin using Twitter authentically and meaningfully. Here’s what I recommend: 1. Choose 10 people to “actively”... Read More

Tips to Successfully Use Twitter for Your Small Business

Tips to Connect Using Twitter

We all know that Microblogging has become one important tool for promoting business activities. Over the years, since the inception of Twitter many businesses have taken advantage of the platform to expand their operations. For sure, Twitter today stands as one of the biggest and most useful social media platforms on the Web. Nearly every business that is being marketed online... Read More

Tips on Connecting Through Social Networking

Woman Connecting on Her Computer

As someone who is a natural “connector,” social networking is something I am incredibly fascinated with. Please check-out my profiles up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and feel free to connect with me on those sites if you use them too! The internet is always evolving so it’s very important to be up-to-date on what’s available and how it can serve you... Read More

The Social Networking Action Plan

Kim DeYoung's Social Networking Action Guide

For Entrepreneurs Short on Time and Big on Results Social networking – you might love it or you might hate it but here’s the thing – you need it! If you’re an entrepreneur looking to have a strong online presence, social networking needs to be part of your marketing plan. In this Action Plan you’ll learn from four top-of-the-line social networking experts – Alicia... Read More

Twitter 101 – Getting Started & Connecting on Twitter

Kim DeYoung's Twitter 101

Twitter is having a dramatic impact on business. Are you maximizing its ability to help you connect and build relationships with potential clients and business partners? If you need help getting started Twitter 101 teaches you how to set up your Twitter account and customize the settings to make the most of the power of social media. Just like learning a new language it will guide... Read More

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