Stress Management 101- Take a Nap!

Take a Nap in the Middle of the Day

The other day I was just plain frustrated.  A number of things were not working, technologically and otherwise, and I was not being effective.  My normally optimistic outlook was colored in a negative light and I was cranky.  So in the late afternoon, I took a nap.  It wasn’t long – only about 40 minutes.  But when I woke up, I was refreshed, alert, positive and able... Read More

The Weekend Dilemma—Relax or Get Ahead?

Focus on your Self-Care

It’s so hard to let go of the to-do list and spend a few hours really relaxing. There’s always something you “should” be doing—catching up on laundry, planning next week’s meals, etc. But if you recognize the significant payoff that relaxing provides, perhaps you’d do it more often. The truth is, the problem-solving part of your brain functions best during unstructured... Read More

You Don’t Have to Do it All Yourself – Delegate!

Delegate by Sharing Your Responsibilities

With the holiday season coming, there are so many things that you’ll want to get done. Many have the belief that to get it done, you must do it yourself. As working women, we’ve got enough on our plates. It’s important to break from this belief before you drive yourself crazy. Possibly it’s money worries that make you think you have to do all your own work. Possibly you’re... Read More

I Have Met the Enemy and She Is…

The Enemy is...

As the cooler weather sets in, a certain woman thinks she can just show up in my office and wreck havoc in my business. She comes dressed in sloppy clothes, wearing nothing more than moisturizer and lip balm on her face. Her hair looks, well, you can only imagine. And she hates me. She makes me think it’s ok to be mediocre. She likes to be warm and cozy so she wears sweatpants... Read More

Food for Thought

Monique Flaherty - Food for Thought

Have you ever thought about where the food that appears on your plate comes from? Whether you are eating in a restaurant or take out or have prepared a meal at home – someone – maybe hundreds of people have been involved in getting that meal to your plate. Who planted the seed that grew the vegetable? What hands watered it – or built and installed the irrigation system? What... Read More

Listen to the Whispers of Your Soul

Monique Flaherty

Do you know what your soul’s whisper sounds like? Each of us has access to that still, small voice. It speaks to us in our bodies, minds, hearts, and emotions. It speaks to us through nature, animals, and other people. It shows itself in synchronicities, connections, and aha moments. The soul is the substance of who we are and is constantly revealing more and more of our... Read More

Women Entrepreneurs – A Healthy You Means a Healthy Business

A Healthy Business Means a Healthy YOU

Women entrepreneurs face unique challenges. The complexity of our lives demands that we take care of ourselves, because we can’t afford to let ourselves break down. We depend on ourselves and so many depend on us as well. We’ve made commitments to our families and business. There may also be volunteer projects we’re involved with. And the older we get, the more attention... Read More

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