You Don’t Have to Do it All Yourself – Delegate!

With the holiday season coming, there are so many things that you’ll want to get done. Many have the belief that to get it done, you must do it yourself. As working women, we’ve got enough on our plates. It’s important to break from this belief before you drive yourself crazy.

Possibly it’s money worries that make you think you have to do all your own work. Possibly you’re worried about control and think, “No one will do it quite as well as I do it” or, “I don’t want to have to explain that, so I’ll just do it.”

Instead of being pulled in every direction, learn to delegate effectively.

At work you have support. There’s a computer guy and a finance guy and a guy who takes out the garbage. Why shouldn’t there be people who help you at home?

It’s very important to delegate and have support. Here’s the thing, delegating doesn’t have to necessarily be something that you pay for—you can barter for services, find a neighbor, friend or family member who can help. It’s good to ask your kids for help and let them learn how to do things. It’s when you’re working together that the family bond grows stronger.

Delegating is a way to give yourself more time and more energy. You give yourself more time to focus on the things that only you can do. Everything else can be delegated. This will give you more energy because you’ll be focused on what you love doing. This will also fuel you since you won’t spend your time on things that drain your energy.

If you’re running at maximum capacity right now and are frustrated that you can’t get everything done choose to delegate!

Kim DeYoungGuest Blogger Kim DeYoung, the Get it Done Girl, is the founder of Get it Done U, the how-to resource for the busy entrepreneur. Kim inspires entrepreneurs through her training and coaching programs to get it done so they can create a meaningful, profitable and STRESS-FREE business.

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