A great resource for the time-crunched entrepreneur! Even though our Get It Done series of ebooks are short and sweet they’re still loaded with tips and tools you need to get it done. They’re a great way to get advice you need on a specific area of your business.

The Motivated Mindset

The Motivated Mindset

23 Take Action Tips on Creating a Positive Shift in Your Thinking, Your Energy and Your Bottom Line

The right mindset is the number one determining factor of the success in business. In my years of business and learning from my business girlfriends, Gina Bell and Laura West, I have come to appreciate how essential it is to have the right mindset and a system for creating a positive shift in my thinking and energy. This ebook provides 23 Take Action Tips to shift your mindset. Click here to order your copy.

Leverage Your Knowledge

Leveraging Your Knowledge for Profit

Maximizing & Monetizing Your Online Marketing

After interviewing a copywriter and a video/audio specialist I’m sharing their favorite strategies and techniques with you in this report! Discover tips and shortcuts from these experts on how you can confidently and quickly create compelling content – like blogs, newsletters and press releases. You’ll also find out how easy it is to repurpose the content that’s in your head (or on your hard drive) into multimedia marketing – podcasts, videos and teleseminars. Learn how to maximize your content so it pulls in targeted leads like a magnet. Click here to order your copy.

Social Networking Ebook

The Social Networking Action Plan

For Entrepreneurs Short on Time and Big on Results

Social networking – you might love it or you might hate it but here’s the thing – you need it! If you’re an entrepreneur looking to have a strong online presence, social networking needs to be part of your marketing plan. In this Action Plan you’ll learn directly from social networking experts on how to set-up an effective social networking presence. Discover not only their time-saving shortcuts but ways to consistently convert friends and fans into loyal customers. Click here to order.

Twitter 101

Twitter 101

The Get it Done Girl’s Guide to Getting Started & Connecting on Twitter

Are you maximizing Twitter’s ability to help you connect and build relationships with potential clients and business partners? If you need help getting started Twitter 101 teaches you how to set up your Twitter account and customize the settings to make the most of the power of social media. But, more than that, it reveals the right mindset you need in order connect authentically and meaningfully. Click here to order (plus you’ll get a bonus of 25 Need-to-Know Twitter Tips)

Facebook 101

Facebook 101

The Get it Done Girl’s Guide to Getting You and Your Business on Facebook

One of the easiest ways to market your business and reach millions of people is by maximizing the power of Facebook. You’ll establish an online visibility and online credibility that gets your business noticed. Beginners love this guide because it takes you step-by-step through well-illustrated instructions. You’ll quickly set up your Facebook account in a way that reflects your unique style while maintaining a professional appearance. Click here to order (plus you’ll get a bonus of 25 Need-to-Know Facebook Tips)

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