Get Out of My Way

Get Out of Your Own WayYesterday I figured out that I’ve been getting in my own way (and I realized that YOU might be doing the same thing). So I wanted to share some of my recent struggles in this week’s column:

  • Although I always listen to my gut, instincts, and intuition… I don’t always trust (and follow) them as often as I should (too much doubt and second-guessing).
  • I’ve been asking other people for advice too much, and sometimes trusting them more than myself.
  • I haven’t been doing everything that I know I should be doing every day (secretly hoping and praying that someone else would do some of the work for me).

The good part is that I KNOW… when I do listen to my instincts about my business, doors of success open up wherever I go (the same is probably true for you). And, I know that no one can fix this but me. When I trust in my ability to build an incredible empire, everything flows. I have to keep trusting that there is only one of me in this world… so my vision, goals and destiny can stay clear… so my brand remains my own (at times, even those nearest and dearest to me can’t see or understand what I am doing – or need to do next).

Now that I’m clear about this, no one can stop me (not even myself).

I need to keep seeing that any doubts, second-guessing, or fear will only hold me back. When I don’t trust my big destiny (my “Celebrity Self”), everything slows down. But I’m not stopping… every day I take lots of action. Every morning and night I visualize the next steps that only I can take. And that reality is beautiful: filled with light, fearlessness, and unlimitedness.

So now I need to ask you: Are you listening to YOUR gut, instincts, and intuition? Are you following your inner advisor by taking action and changing your behavior so you can get to the next level? Are you creating greater belief in yourself and your business each day… so you can produce the greater levels of success, wealth and freedom that you desire?

You have to study other people and listen to their ideas… but you also need to stay confident and in charge. You must hold on tight to the horns of your business, and steer it. If you try to let someone else do it, you aren’t going to get where you need to go. You must continue leading as you keep expanding and changing, listening to others but… but listening MORE to YOUR instincts and intuition (dancing in between it all).

I surround myself with coaches, mentors, mastermind groups, and talented team members. And I always try to stay open, studying new things and learning new things every day (because that’s one of the fastest ways to grow). But I also have to trust MYSELF more than anyone else, so I can stay AUTHENTIC and EMPOWERED (and keep getting the results that I want).

When it comes to running my business, no one can do it for me (and no one can do it for you). That means you have to operate your business with 100% confidence, clarity, and consistent action. No one can take that role from you (and you can’t give it away). If you’re a personality-driven brand, you must listen… to YOU. Your instincts and intuition are the heart and soul or your business… the breath. Let your business breathe.
Action Steps

1. I like to move fast, get things done, and do it my way. What is YOUR unique business style? What makes YOU feel connected and empowered?

2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You’ll always have to balance the excitement of new opportunities with your fears and resistance to new levels of growth.

3. Take 100% responsibility for your current results (you can expand them).

4. Step into your CEO. Start running the show and taking charge of your business. Don’t ask other people too many questions or wait for anyone else before taking that next big step. Just get moving and make things happen.

INGRID ELFVER is a “Celebrity Coach” helping coaches become celebrities (reach more people, make more money, and have more time off). Ingrid is creator of the Celebrity System™ and founder of the Celebrity Secret Society™ …helping coaches build 6- and 7-figure businesses (and beyond) using their unique passions and strengths. Over the last 20 years Ingrid has worked with thousands of people around the world (from celebrities to startups). Get $1,582 worth of FREE “Celebrity Coach” training at

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