How to Monetize Your Blog

Women who work from home have different motives for blogging. Some do it for fun, some are simply working to connect with others or to build a brand, and some are looking to make money.

If your goal is to use your blog to make money, there are some proven strategies to make it happen.
  1. Promote Affiliate Products – The most common method work-at-home women use for making money with a blog is to promote affiliate products or services. Every time someone finds your site through your affiliate link and they decide to buy your product, you’ll get a commission. Women with information based blogs write educational and informative blog posts about a niche and then combine that information with affiliate marketing tactics like embedding affiliate links in the posts to generate click-thrus.
  2. Promote Your Own Products & Services – Second to affiliate profits, you can use your blog to promote your own products or services. Don’t be afraid to sell what you have. It would be a disservice to your community if you didn’t make your valuable wisdom available. You can offer coupons and incentives, write copy that links to your sales page or publish advertisements. You can also offer freebies to build a list and then market to that list.
  3. Sell Ad Space – Finally, in addition to one of the moneymaking methods above if you have a blog with a large readership, you can sell ad space or make a profit from Ad Sense type programs. Advertising revenue can be enough for a blog with a large readership to generate a full-time income.

Imagine working only a few hours a day on your blog and spending the rest of your time enjoying the life you’ve always wanted to live. Monetizing your blog can do that for you. To learn more proven blogging strategies for women check out my free video, The 7 Most Common Blogging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

Kim DeYoungGuest Blogger Kim DeYoung, the Get it Done Girl, is the founder of Get it Done U, the how-to resource for the busy entrepreneur. Kim inspires entrepreneurs through her training and coaching programs to get it done so they can create a meaningful, profitable and STRESS-FREE business.

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