How to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits

Did you know you can make a great living simply by writing or talking about your passions and interests?

It’s true. People all around the world are living this dream and you can too.

So what are you an expert in?

This is a tough question for many because their mind goes to things they already consider to be profitable fields and careers but we’re not talking about that. There is real money in some very low key hobbies and interests.

For example, do you love hamburgers? There is the potential for many ebooks on that topic.

What about knitting?  Again, lots of potential for profit here.

So make a list of the things you’re passionate about or knowledgeable about right now without the limitations of what you think is profitable. Just write down topics that you enjoy.

Got the list?

Now comes the fun part. Start brainstorming book topics. Generally you want to look to offer value. For example, if you love hamburgers, (and who doesn’t?) then your list might look like this:

  • 101 Delicious burger recipes
  • The best burgers from around the country
  • How to make a healthy hamburger (and still want to eat it)
  • The secret to the best tasting burgers around the globe.
  • 99 Better for you burger recipes

You get the idea, right?

And there are real profits in niche ebooks. Now before you start thinking that it would take you months, maybe even years to write this book stop and visit this page. There, you’ll learn that all you need to write a profitable ebook is your list of topics.

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