LinkedIn Features for Promoting Your Small Business

Of all the social media platforms out there, LinkedIn stands as one of the best ones to promote businesses online. Although compared to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn’s popularity is low, that does not make it an inferior platform. In fact, the sole purpose of LinkedIn is to provide businesses a better social media platform to market or run their businesses on. Most of the features on LinkedIn are therefore made and integrated for small businesses. So, there is no doubt about the fact that LinkedIn can be of great help in boosting your online business.

Here are some tips if you really want to use LinkedIn in order to promote your small business or online business:

Stay Fresh and Stay Current:
The first and the foremost tip for using any social media platform is to keep your profile updated. Posting one post a day can really help you be noticed by your connections. In other words, you need to keep your visitors engaged and updated with the current news of your business. The best part about LinkedIn is that you can also share the updates on Twitter and Facebook. So this means that once you update your LinkedIn page you can then update your Twitter and Facebook page as well directing your connections towards LinkedIn. That for sure is a cool feature!

You can search for new talents:
Trust me, if you want to expand your team then LinkedIn is the best platform for doing so. If you don’t know it yet, LinkedIn has become one of the fastest and most reliable platforms for finding new talent. If you really want to expand your team then you can post opportunities on LinkedIn because not only it will help you out in finding the right candidate but will also make people visit your profile more often. Think of it –thousands of candidates will visit your LinkedIn profile and of course some of them can become potential customers.

Ask others – get noticed!
A very important feature on LinkedIn is that you can start groups and Q&A sessions. For instance, you are struck with a problem regarding your business or you want to conduct a survey, you can do that by starting a Q&A session. This is particularly important if you want to really be noticed by others. People will try and help you out and of course they will visit your profile page to learn more about you and your business. In other words, you will gain exposure and will receive feedback which may make your business more alluring for customers online.

Start promoting your events:
Whether you are going for a business meeting or a special seminar related to your industry, you can share updates with your connections. On other hand, you can also promote your own events on LinkedIn and invite people to attend. This works similar to how it works on Facebook. And, believe it or not, this is one great way of getting the attention you have always wanted from your connections!

Have you used LinkedIn to promote your events?

Karriann GrafGuest blogger Karriann Graf is a Social Media Manager and Strategist for small businesses and real estate professionals. Her focus is to help you learn about the best Social Media methods to connect with your clients and customers and increase your revenue. Please visit her site and follow her on Twitter.

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