Listen to the Whispers of Your Soul

Do You Know Your Soul's Whisper?

Do you know what your soul’s whisper sounds like?

Each of us has access to that still, small voice. It speaks to us in our bodies, minds, hearts, and emotions. It speaks to us through nature, animals, and other people. It shows itself in synchronicities, connections, and aha moments.

The soul is the substance of who we are and is constantly revealing more and more of our essence to us (or what blocks us from the experience of our essence. Our task, really our opportunity, is to listen, for the whispers, the urgings, and intuitions; to pay attention to what draws us closer to aliveness to the fire in the belly.

Meditation is one way to practice listening. Yoga, Tai Chi, walking meditation, body work are others. None of these will aid us in our journey if we don’t practice them, if we are not dedicated to the act of listening, deeply, to what is here, now.

The soul only manifests in the now. For the soul there is no past or future. It’s all here, now!

In the meantime….shhhhhhhh…

Your soul is whispering…can you hear it?

Monique Flaherty

Guest Blogger Monique Flaherty, the founder of SoulWorks Coaching is passionate about helping people connect to their deepest selves. She loves animals, nature, life and laughing. She believes that by being conscious and helping each other we can build a sustainable world that provides opportunity for all to live a fulfilling life.

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