Succeed by Shifting Your Focus to Being of Service

Being of ServiceWhen you consider what’s going on with the economy, it’s very easy to focus on your own individual needs as you feel the stress of hard times, especially if you’re not generating the income you’d like and you’re in a place of fear.  You can begin desperately focusing on the immediate sale and if it doesn’t happen, your fear grows.

I’ve noticed that during various times in my life – when I was internally focused (and in a fearful place) – others around me felt my desperation.  That’s not going to be attractive to your potential clients and customers.

However, when you step out of your own personal focus and begin asking how you can be of service to others, everything in the universe shifts and you embark on a path to much greater success. Isn’t it true that you began in the direct sales business because you loved and believed in the product that you’re selling and you knew how much others would benefit from it?

What can help you create this positive shift in your energy?

Instead of focusing on “What’s in it for me?” – take the focus off of yourself. Shift your focus to “What am I going to GIVE?” Watch your energy shift into a positive place regardless of your own struggles, financial or otherwise.

What’s even better is with the right focus you CANNOT FAIL. When you’re authentic and have an intention to truly be of service, you end up winning by establishing or maintaining great relationships.  These relationships can benefit you in so many ways in the future -through referrals, future business or just the value of a solid friendship.

If you’re struggling financially, let go of focusing on that desperation and instead focus on who you can serve. People will feel your genuine concern and be attracted to what you have to offer.  You’ll be amazed at the shift in your energy and the positive results will inspire you to continue.

Kim DeYoungGuest Blogger Kim DeYoung, the Get it Done Girl, is the founder of Get it Done U, the how-to resource for the busy entrepreneur. Kim inspires entrepreneurs through her training and coaching programs to get it done so they can create a meaningful, profitable and STRESS-FREE business.

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