I Have Met the Enemy and She Is…

As the cooler weather sets in, a certain woman thinks she can just show up in my office and wreck havoc in my business. She comes dressed in sloppy clothes, wearing nothing more than moisturizer and lip balm on her face. Her hair looks, well, you can only imagine. And she hates me. She makes me think it’s ok to be mediocre. She likes to be warm and cozy so she wears sweatpants and baggy tops. Sometimes she even wears her slippers. If she only did this on Saturday, I could... Read More

The Glass Ceiling

The glass ceiling – you’ve heard the term before. It refers to the invisible limit placed on women in the corporate world. Given the political structure and the nature of power struggles, territoriality, and primal instincts that bleed into the corporate world, a woman’s rise to a level commensurate with her worth has often been a long fought battle that may never be won. But you’re not in the corporate world. Hallelujah, there’s no glass ceiling! Or is there? If you... Read More

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are waiting for fear to subside before you act, you will never act. The fear doesn’t subside until you act. Only action trumps fear. Remember a time when you woke up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare or a strange noise you heard, and you were absolutely paralyzed? You literally couldn’t move a muscle. You couldn’t even speak, let alone reach over and turn on the lamp. If you laid there waiting until the fear passed, it may have gone on indefinitely.... Read More

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