You Don’t Have to Do it All Yourself – Delegate!

With the holiday season coming, there are so many things that you’ll want to get done. Many have the belief that to get it done, you must do it yourself. As working women, we’ve got enough on our plates. It’s important to break from this belief before you drive yourself crazy. Possibly it’s money worries that make you think you have to do all your own work. Possibly you’re worried about control and think, “No one will do it quite as well as I do it” or, “I don’t... Read More

How to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Erin Blaskie, The VA Coach,  shared some great tips on delegating effectively to a Virtual Assistant that I wanted to pass on to you: Make a list of the things you know you want to delegate out. This will help during the interview process because you’ll know what questions to ask. Track your time for one week. Track everything – whether you’re answering emails, with a client etc. Track your billable and non-billable time. This will help you see what is sucking... Read More

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