5 Ways to Use Photos and Facebook to Build Your “Celebrity With Integrity” Status

As a coach, consultant, author or speaker or other small business owner, you are always in the mode of creating your “expert status.” That means that you know enough about your clients, their needs and desires and solutions to help them, that you can claim expertise in this area. Many marketing gurus talk about being a “rock star” or “celebrity,” and many heart-centered entrepreneurs have trouble with these terms. I like to position it that you are creating your... Read More

Facebook 101 | Getting You and Your Business on Facebook

The Get it Done Girl’s Guide to Getting You and Your Business on Facebook One of the easiest ways to market your business and reach millions of people is by maximizing the power of Facebook. You’ll establish an online visibility and online credibility that gets your business noticed. Beginners love this guide because it takes you step-by-step through well-illustrated instructions. You’ll quickly set up your Facebook account in a way that reflects your unique style while... Read More

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