Using Twitter to Connect Authentically and Meaningfully

Using Twitter is a great way of connecting and building relationships. But it can be overwhelming to know who to follow and how to make meaningful connections with someone that you admire. I’d like to share some tips on how to move past the overwhelm so you can begin using Twitter authentically and meaningfully. Here’s what I recommend: 1. Choose 10 people to “actively” follow. The 10 can be chosen as people who are: Mentors People you admire Those you’ve... Read More

Tips to Successfully Use Twitter for Your Small Business

We all know that Microblogging has become one important tool for promoting business activities. Over the years, since the inception of Twitter many businesses have taken advantage of the platform to expand their operations. For sure, Twitter today stands as one of the biggest and most useful social media platforms on the Web. Nearly every business that is being marketed online makes Twitter a targeted. However, unfortunately not every business succeeds. Why? Simply because even... Read More

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