Web 2.0 Solutions

Profitable Web 2.0 Solutions for the Busy Entrepreneur As an entrepreneur you have a lot on your plate – and nowadays that includes using the internet to grow your business. This FREE self-study program allows you to choose one or more specific web 2.0 solutions for your business. Each module provides specific “how to” tips so you can implement them right away and get immediate results. One of the biggest challenges of turning great ideas into a revenue generating business... Read More

Think Create Sell

How to Create an Information Product Get all the SPECIFICS on how to create your very own info-product in 3 EASY steps (so you can get money rolling in fast sharing what you ALREADY KNOW). Think It, Create It, Sell It is for every entrepreneur who wants to share their expertise with a larger audience AND get paid for it! Click here to learn more about all 3 steps.  Read More

Blogging ABCs

Attract, Build Your List, and Connect with Your Target Market Blogging is a powerful marketing tool, especially when you know what I like to call Blogging ABCs – Attract, Build, Connect. It’s easier than you think to start blogging (or improve the blog you already have) so you can create a loyal following of a targeted market who love you and are ready to BUY! Click here to learn more about why blogging is so important.  Read More

Succeed by Shifting Your Focus to Being of Service

When you consider what’s going on with the economy, it’s very easy to focus on your own individual needs as you feel the stress of hard times, especially if you’re not generating the income you’d like and you’re in a place of fear.  You can begin desperately focusing on the immediate sale and if it doesn’t happen, your fear grows. I’ve noticed that during various times in my life – when I was internally focused (and in a fearful... Read More

Ready Set Resultz

Grow Your Business One Project at a Time Are you a creative entrepreneur with lots of ideas, but you’re not getting them out into the world as fast as you’d like? This program provides you with specific details so you to grow your business, one project at a time. Learn my simple? 5-step system so you can tackle your big projects with confidence and quickly get them into the marketplace. Use this system repeatedly (for any and all future projects you want to get done)... Read More

Content is Money for Your Blog

The only way you’ll make money with your blog is to have your readers coming back to read each post you make. When they keep coming back your page rank will increase and that will increase your income. One of the most important things to remember is your content is where the money is when it comes to your blog. If you don’t have good content, your readers will leave and not come back. When your content is good, they’ll recommend you to others. There are a number of techniques... Read More

3 Reasons Info Products Boost Your Business

If you already own an online business and are looking for a tactic or tool to grow your awareness and your bottom line, you can’t go wrong with information products. Here’s why: Publishing an information product enhances your credibility as an expert in your industry. Our society is hooked on information. And we consider those who publish to be experts on their topic. Publish an ebook or report and you instantly add credibility to your brand and your business. Publishing... Read More

The Weekend Dilemma—Relax or Get Ahead?

It’s so hard to let go of the to-do list and spend a few hours really relaxing. There’s always something you “should” be doing—catching up on laundry, planning next week’s meals, etc. But if you recognize the significant payoff that relaxing provides, perhaps you’d do it more often. The truth is, the problem-solving part of your brain functions best during unstructured time. So when you’re engaged in “mindless” activities like taking a nature walk... Read More

5 Essential Tools for Marketing Your Business Online

Many women have embraced the benefits of online marketing—you expand your market and it sells for you 24/7. So, what are the tools that make it work? Your own unique website will communicate who you are and will establish a relationship with your visitor-right away. Make sure your home page is clear about your services and reflects a design that integrates your style with what your target market likes. A good presence on Facebook builds your online visibility—people... Read More

How to Communicate Effectively on Your Website

When you’re in business, people expect to be able to learn more about you on the internet, so you need an effective website. Technology or graphics make it look good, but that’s not where you should invest most of your time and resources. Focus on communicating with your visitors because that’s where the money is. People do business with those they know, like and trust. You can most effectively communicate your message by writing articles and blog posts, and... Read More

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