Why Are You Taking Rejection Personally?

Women taking rejection personally is nothing new. But because it can completely derail your career, it’s an essential pitfall to address and overcome. Having a clear understanding and strong belief about why you chose your business and how it serves you and your family, will provide you with the strength to walk away from the naysayers unscathed. In order to let any rejection you receive roll off your back, you need a strong clear reason why you’re in your business for... Read More

You Don’t Have to Do it All Yourself – Delegate!

With the holiday season coming, there are so many things that you’ll want to get done. Many have the belief that to get it done, you must do it yourself. As working women, we’ve got enough on our plates. It’s important to break from this belief before you drive yourself crazy. Possibly it’s money worries that make you think you have to do all your own work. Possibly you’re worried about control and think, “No one will do it quite as well as I do it” or, “I don’t... Read More

Stop Negative Self-Talk Before it Sucks the Life Out of You

Have you had times when negative thoughts go through your mind – I’m not a good wife and mother because I should be doing this, and that isn’t getting done, and everyone else seems to manage everything why can’t I, and I’m just so tired I don’t care? If so, it’s time to step back and do something for yourself to create awareness of where those negative feelings are coming from and shift your energy quickly into positive thinking. Here are 4 tips to help you beat... Read More

Using Twitter to Connect Authentically and Meaningfully

Using Twitter is a great way of connecting and building relationships. But it can be overwhelming to know who to follow and how to make meaningful connections with someone that you admire. I’d like to share some tips on how to move past the overwhelm so you can begin using Twitter authentically and meaningfully. Here’s what I recommend: 1. Choose 10 people to “actively” follow. The 10 can be chosen as people who are: Mentors People you admire Those you’ve... Read More

How to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Erin Blaskie, The VA Coach,  shared some great tips on delegating effectively to a Virtual Assistant that I wanted to pass on to you: Make a list of the things you know you want to delegate out. This will help during the interview process because you’ll know what questions to ask. Track your time for one week. Track everything – whether you’re answering emails, with a client etc. Track your billable and non-billable time. This will help you see what is sucking... Read More

The Motivated Mindset

23 Take Action Tips on Creating a Positive Shift in Your Thinking, Your Energy and Your Bottom Line The right mindset is the number one determining factor of the success in business. In my years of business and learning from my business girlfriends, Gina Bell and Laura West, I have come to appreciate how essential it is to have the right mindset and a system for creating a positive shift in my thinking and energy. This ebook provides 23 Take Action Tips to shift your mindset. Click... Read More

How to Monetize Your Blog

Women who work from home have different motives for blogging. Some do it for fun, some are simply working to connect with others or to build a brand, and some are looking to make money. If your goal is to use your blog to make money, there are some proven strategies to make it happen. Promote Affiliate Products – The most common method work-at-home women use for making money with a blog is to promote affiliate products or services. Every time someone finds your site through... Read More

The Social Networking Action Plan

For Entrepreneurs Short on Time and Big on Results Social networking – you might love it or you might hate it but here’s the thing – you need it! If you’re an entrepreneur looking to have a strong online presence, social networking needs to be part of your marketing plan. In this Action Plan you’ll learn from four top-of-the-line social networking experts – Alicia Forest, Amy Miyamoto, Nancy Marmolejo, and Caleb Scoville – on how to set-up an effective social networking... Read More

Twitter 101 – Getting Started & Connecting on Twitter

Twitter is having a dramatic impact on business. Are you maximizing its ability to help you connect and build relationships with potential clients and business partners? If you need help getting started Twitter 101 teaches you how to set up your Twitter account and customize the settings to make the most of the power of social media. Just like learning a new language it will guide you through the unfamiliar symbols, words, and customs – like @, hashtags, when to jump into a... Read More

Facebook 101 | Getting You and Your Business on Facebook

The Get it Done Girl’s Guide to Getting You and Your Business on Facebook One of the easiest ways to market your business and reach millions of people is by maximizing the power of Facebook. You’ll establish an online visibility and online credibility that gets your business noticed. Beginners love this guide because it takes you step-by-step through well-illustrated instructions. You’ll quickly set up your Facebook account in a way that reflects your unique style while... Read More

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