Are You Growing Your Business from Scarcity or Abundance?

As a solo entrepreneur, your mindset and energy are the most important resources in growing and running your business. If you are thinking small, feeling doubtful or you don’t have energy behind your programs and services, then your growth will be small -if you grow at all. In fact, creating programs and new services when you are thinking small or are mired in limiting beliefs is a sure way to create the very thing you are worried about – failure! It’s vital to your success... Read More

5 Ways to Use Photos and Facebook to Build Your “Celebrity With Integrity” Status

As a coach, consultant, author or speaker or other small business owner, you are always in the mode of creating your “expert status.” That means that you know enough about your clients, their needs and desires and solutions to help them, that you can claim expertise in this area. Many marketing gurus talk about being a “rock star” or “celebrity,” and many heart-centered entrepreneurs have trouble with these terms. I like to position it that you are creating your... Read More

Warning: Prosperity Conditions Ahead

You crave prosperity in your business. You want the easy enrollments in your programs and workshops, the abundance of product sales, recognition of your expertise by receiving joint venture invitations, and you want the financial success that goes along with changing so many people’s lives. But why isn’t it happening for you? Is it the lagging economy? Your message? Your marketing? Why isn’t prosperity flowing from you and your business? Prosperity, by definition, means... Read More

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