Self-Belief is One of the Greatest Gifts You Can Give Yourself

“Belief is the bridge between your dreams and your dreams coming true.” What you believe as an entrepreneur believes will affect your habits. Then the cycle continues. Your habits will affect your choices, your behavior, and your decisions. Belief is incredibly powerful. “If you expect to fail, in most cases you already have.” How many days have you woken up in a bad mood, thought bad thoughts and bad things happened? What you believe does become a reality. I’ve... Read More

Women Entrepreneurs – A Healthy You Means a Healthy Business

Women entrepreneurs face unique challenges. The complexity of our lives demands that we take care of ourselves, because we can’t afford to let ourselves break down. We depend on ourselves and so many depend on us as well. We’ve made commitments to our families and business. There may also be volunteer projects we’re involved with. And the older we get, the more attention we absolutely have to pay to our physical health and energy. No matter how busy you are, don’t you... Read More

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