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Imagine enjoying the flexibility and freedom of making money from home (or anywhere you choose) with your computer. It isn’t a daydream…

Our community of women here at have done it – they’ve harnessed the power of their Computers to make money from home, and anywhere their computers take them. And they want to share their solutions with you (because they know that when women learn from other women it gives them the instant competitive edge they’re looking for).

Our panel of experts are mothers, daughters, wives, businesswomen, technology experts, civic leaders and more. But there’s one thing they all have in common – through determination and persistence they’ve discovered how to harness technology so IT WORKS FOR THEM and they’re making great money doing it!

At HerComputer™ you get easy access to the following areas of need-to-know information to help you achieve your professional and personal goals:

  • Making Money Online – You’ll find PROVEN money-making strategies that women are using that are creative yet practical. A great place to start is our free report, Have a Computer? Discover 7 Ways You Can Use It to Make Money from Home.
  • Wellness & Self-Care – Women have a more holistic approach to business. Healthy and wellness experts share ways to maintain a positive, healthy lifestyle (psst it will make a serious impact on your bottom line).
  • Social Media – The question isn’t can you make money with social media, the question is, “Can you make money without it?” Learn how savvy social media experts are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as part of a dynamic online marketing strategy and how you can too!
  • Personal Development – We believe, “You have more when you become more.” Women are often plagued by limiting beliefs – learn from other women ways to develop a mindset for success.

Whether you’re just starting to consider ways to make money from home or already have a business you’re working on, our goal is to give you easy access to the guidance, expertise and know-how so you can make money with YOUR computer! And remember, EVERYTHING on this site is taught by women for women.

Are you a woman who wants to use your computer to take your business and personal life upwards and onwards? If so, we’re confident that is the place for you! Please explore your new site, give us your feedback and discover what’s possible to achieve with your computer!

Don’t forget, grab a copy of our Free ReportHave a Computer? Discover 7 Ways You Can Use it to Make Money. We’ve got lots of ideas for you to implement right away.

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