Twitter 101 – Getting Started & Connecting on Twitter

Twitter is having a dramatic impact on business. Are you maximizing its ability to help you connect and build relationships with potential clients and business partners? If you need help getting started Twitter 101 teaches you how to set up your Twitter account and customize the settings to make the most of the power of social media.

Just like learning a new language it will guide you through the unfamiliar symbols, words, and customs – like @, hashtags, when to jump into a conversation and how to make sense of all those messages streaming in. But, more than that, it reveals the right mindset you need in order connect authentically and meaningfully.

When you create a quality base right from the beginning it makes you stand out as someone who has good things to share and is worth following.

Get this comprehensive resource and receive a bonus of 25 Need-to-Know Twitter Tips. Click here to order.

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