Want a Website that Sells in 5 Steps?

Most businesses nowadays have websites, but the biggest problem they run into is being able to make the sale. I will be sharing with you 5 critical steps to follow to create a website that sells.

1. Website Copy

Your website is your biggest marketing tool and your content should reflect it. Consider hiring a professional copywriter to produce your web content. If you are writing your own content keep in mind is not about you, your company, product or service; is about your visitors. Your goal is to connect with them, build a relationship and appeal to their needs and emotions. A well-written web site should entice sales, target a specific audience and improve your search engine rankings.

2. Website Layout

Have a simple layout that is appropriate for your business industry. Your navigation bar should very obviously take you where you want to go. Don’t try to be creative in this area; as a matter of fact this could be confusing. Use commonly used one-words like: about, products, contact, testimonials, etc. Potential customers will be turned off if they can’t find what they are looking for.

Keep your most important message at the top of your website. If visitors have to scroll down to find it, you may lose them even before they see your message. Use images wisely, don’t clutter your page with images that overtake your message.

3. Eliminate apprehensions about buying online.

Many web shoppers are cautious about purchasing online, so you need to alleviate their fears.  You need to ensure you have a privacy policy in place and that your website visitors can easily access it.  The top right hand corner of your website or very bottom of site are common places web visitors will look for a privacy policy.  Always display your complete contact information (including postal address) on your web site.  This easy step will lend credibility and reassure potential buyers that you are a legitimate business.  Consider having a phone or fax in option for those wary consumers; just one more way to make a sale!

4.  Feature testimonials from satisfied past clients.

The best form of advertisement is third party endorsements. Make sure your testimonials are legitimate and verifiable.  Highlight elements of the testimonial for maximum impact and be sure to “legitimize” the testimonial by including the person’s title, business name and website address if appropriate. A couple of written sentences are great, but consider video testimonials as well. Research shows people are more likely to watch one minute of video, than read a minute of text.

5. Ask for the Sale!

Sounds simple, but most businesses fail in this area. The most important thing to do to create a website that sells, is to ask for the sale. Make the entire purchase process painless. Make it easy for people to buy. Guide your visitor through the process. Tell them exactly what to do. Use arrows to guide them, click here ->. Purchase buttons should be easy to identify. Use action words like “buy now” or “add to cart” on your buttons. Use contrasting colors for your buttons to make them stand out. Red is a call to action color and works really well for buy now buttons. And finally buyers should be made aware of the link to your privacy policy.

Use these five-steps as a checklist for your retail website. If you are missing any of these critical components, consider making changes to your website for maximum online sales.

Ingrid Molina of Fuller Online Solutions, is passionate about helping people.  She owns several companies in real estate, network marketing, Internet technology, and is a business partner with Constant Contact. As a leader in training and education, Ingrid enjoys sharing her knowledge of real estate and Internet marketing to empower business owners to make it BIG!

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