What Fears Keep Entrepreneurs from Connecting?

Business people standing with hands together As an entrepreneur, you can easily get caught up in focusing so much time on the technical things of business – the “how to’s” of running your business. All of that is important.

But the fact is, businesses are about people. Businesses are about relationships. Businesses are about people connecting to you, liking what it is that you have, relating to you, and from there, wanting to do business with you.

It all starts with the connection.

If you really examine your business, see where your money and new business comes from, if you follow the threads, it is almost always due to some connection you made a while ago. So why do many people have trouble making those connections?

I came up with a few reasons why an entrepreneur may not be comfortable connecting.

  • An entrepreneur may be a shy person. Maybe you’re introverted – you like being self-employed because you prefer to be alone.
  • An entrepreneur may be scared of being vulnerable, of intimacy or of rejection. When you meet somebody, you do have to be somewhat vulnerable. What are they going to learn about you? What may they learn about your business, about your personal self? It could be things you’re really uncomfortable sharing. Maybe you’re afraid that if you do share it, they will run away, or you’ll really have to address the issues you’ve unearthed?
  • An entrepreneur may not want the responsibility. When you really open yourself up to letting somebody into your life and connecting with him or her, it does take responsibility. And some people don’t want to take that on.
  • An entrepreneur may feel there just isn’t enough time. We’re all busy. Just thinking about scheduling phone calls, or meeting via in social networking and especially taking it to that next level, takes time.

So how can you make networking (aka connecting) a pleasant experience?

It starts with a mindset shift. You have to approach it with the desire to connect meaningfully. Don’t feel like you are meeting people to sell your product or service. That only adds pain and the pressure of needing a sales transaction to occur immediately. That’s not how business is transacted. Business is transacted between people in relationships. And relationships take time to nurture and cultivate.

So, by acknowledging that and letting go of the expectation that a transaction has to occur in that moment, that frees you up for so much. That in itself is just huge mindset shift. The next time you attend a networking event or use online social networking, do it without any expectations of selling. Use your time to make one really good connection with someone that adds richness to your life. I’d love to know where that leads you.

Are you connecting as you want to be? If not, what’s been getting in your way?

Kim DeYoungGuest Blogger Kim DeYoung, the Get it Done Girl, is the founder of Get it Done U, the how-to resource for the busy entrepreneur. She’s incredibly passionate about communicating with entrepreneurs the importance of connecting authentically and developing relationships. Listen to her audio called The Art of Connection.

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